Sunday, November 1, 2009

Feeding the ducks

Happy Halloween!

U2 with Emily

Coolest concert set ever. It looked like a giant alien Octopus and had moving bridges over the crowd to the outer ring. Good show.Thanks Rach for the tickets again!

A day out with Quinci Jae

Q.J. accompanied me to a play that my boss was in. Afterwards when I asked her what she wanted to eat she said, fries and Ketchup. Then we went to Borders and let her pick out a book. She picked out the princess pop-up castle book and she also picked out a book for each of her brothers. She is such a fun girl. I always enjoy her company. She gives me great smiles and hugs.

I sang her the theme love song for each Disney couple as she danced their little paper doll cut-outs around the castle dance floor....some songs more than once.

Conference Weekend in Utah

Oatina George (Malia) and I spent a lovely day together with Karen and Kanoe in Salt Lake and Park City.

Hilary Weeks. She was so gracious and told me to keep up my songwriting. I like that lady.

Ms. Cassi Gile

Mission Reunion
Me, Huish, Browning, Osborne

President Moffat

Sister Moffat


Hilaree and sweet baby girl


Case, Skunk (featuring the Attansio Brothers), Brit

Holla for Utah Peaches

It was the perfect weekend with friends, family, and fall. Staying at April and James with Brit and Jess there was so fun. The Attansios are such good hosts with conversation, fine dining, and Sunday conference in pajamas on the couch.

Stacy's Baby Shower

I talked to her last night and he is coming in just a few weeks! I can't wait for the little love.

Carli's Birthday/Webster girl's night

Watermellon Carving

Apparently back in August we couldn't wait til October to carve large fruit.